JOINTER TOP trowel jointing acoustic panels

The intelligent jointer help

The intelligent jointer help
This trowel makes the filling of plasterboards
and acoustic panels with holes easier and faster.
No rework!

JOINTER TOP just opens the work area.
All areas that are not processed are covered

Simple and fast operation!

perfect jointer help
for all filling work
on all plasterboard
plates, especially for
acoustic panels

stainless steel blade
screwed 6-fold
natural beechwood handle
Measures stainless
480 x 130 x 0,7 mm 016.48F.

German Registered Utility Model DE 20 2013 001 829.1


Adjustable handle positions of VARIO TOP


Easy and ergonomical working with VARIO TOP.


Working with a normal smoothing trowel.


Flexible Smoothing Trowel.

This trowel makes smoothing and tiling easier. No more overstretching! No more bending and clenching!
Flexible 5 position support: 0°, 36°, 72° left and 36°, 72° right
Easy and fast to adjust with knurled screw

Easy and ergonomical working!

Smoothing Trowel
with adaptable support
adjustable in 5 positions

aluminium support with joint
2K softgrip
Measures stainless
280 x 130 x 0,7 mm V13.280.
280 x 130 x 0,7 mm   4 x 4 mm V13.284.
280 x 130 x 0,7 mm   6 x 6 mm V13.286.
280 x 130 x 0,7 mm   8 x 8 mm V13.288.
280 x 130 x 0,7 mm   10 x 10 mm V13.281.
280 x 130 x 0,7 mm   12 x 12 mm V13.282.
280 x 130 x 0,7 mm    V13.282.
280 x 130 x 0,7 mm   HOLO TOP V13.287.

German Registered Utility Model DE 203 19 714.3


Special smoothing trowel in action.


Mortar picture / hollowless teehing.


Mortar picture / convetional teething.


The only one trowel for tiling without any hollow between tile and ground.

The unique trapezium-teething (back-cutting) produces a mortar bed without any critical hollow between tile and ground.

Special for industrial floor, mega stores, drink stores, swimming pool, etc.

Holo Top
special smoothing
trowel for best tiling
without any hollow
in mortar
aloy support
Measures stainless
280 * 130 * 0,7 mm 013.287.2.K.

German registered design DE 200 22 232.5


easy and fast in driving screws
during surfacing plaster walls

rubber end cap is optimal protection
for the bit and the workers hand
plaster wall smoother
with PH 2 Bit
special for surfacing and screwing of plaster walls
Measures stainless
120 mm 001.12B.

German registered design DE 203 08 724.0



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